Alien Tribe 2

The 4X Space Game
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The Game

ALIEN TRIBE 2 is an indie 4X space game for the iPad and iPhone that combines several genres. Here, a universe sandbox meets real-time strategy and a pinch of tower defense. Friends of games like "Master of Orion 2" will feel at home here because colonization and research are core elements of the game. The 4X stands for "eXplore", "eXpand", "eXploit" and "eXterminate", and Alien Tribe 2 offers all these different strategies for the player - from exploring the galaxy to extracting raw materials or fending off hostile attacks.

Alien Tribe 2 is different than most of the other 4X real-time strategy games and if you think it is hard to play a real time strategy game on the iPad just give it a try - you won't regret it. Alien Tribe 2 is not another casual game which you play for a couple of minutes. Alien Tribe 2 can be played for hours and it never gets boring. And each game is different than the last one. But it is really complex and we suggest to start with the tutorials first if you are not an expert for 4X RTS space games.

The 4X approach is supported by over 45 missions / quests of the areas of "Military", "Economy", "Exploration" & "Expansion". This means that the player is constantly faced with new challenges and once a player successfully completes a mission / quest, he is then rewarded with new build options, research points, the in-game currency called GEO or various other items.

The Story

The Fifo, a people of space nomads, had to make a stop in the normal space unintentionally. As they were leaving the meta space, a very destructive asteroid storm destroyed their ark ship.

The meager remains of the formerly proud nomadic people was forced to settle on the planet Kamolon. The Fifo want nothing more than to get back to their old life and return to the peace of the meta-space. But they need to find all the parts for a new ark ship. In Alien Tribe 2 the player takes control of the Fifo people. The main goal is to build a new ark ship by finding the parts of the destroyed ark ship. Only then can they escape through a black hole and return to their eternal journey through the meta-space.

The player controls the people of the FIFO in real time, and it is his task to explore and colonize new planets and solar systems. Since the FIFO are not alone in this galaxy, the player has to provide for a reliable defense by building different weapons, platforms and war ships.

Alien Tribe 2 has many building options to offer, and with the construction of stations such as the solar storage or the energy distribution, the player can automate the distribution of energy to weapons. Later in the game, the player will take advantage of stations like the research center, construction base or the repair station.

The Features

  • Find new solar systems and start to colonize planets
  • Explore planets and build different kind of stations and ships
  • Over 25 different build options for ships, stations and weapons
  • Extract the raw materials and build supply chains to your stations
  • Build weapon platforms and war ships to defend yourself
  • Scan the deep space for asteroids and start mining them
  • Increase your skills in the research center
  • Connect solar systems with pipelines
  • Randomly generate game environment
  • Over 45 different missions
  • Collect the internal GEO currency
  • Buy extras or trade GEOs for resources
  • and much more....

Tips & Tricks

The Tips & Tricks section is coming soon. In the meanwhile please visit our Facebook page for tips & tricks.