Alien Tribe 2

The 4X Space Game
Exclusively for iPhone & iPad

About us

Ukando Software is an independent game developer studio from Bavaria, Germany. We are a small team with two and half people and the man behind Alien Tribe 2 is Stefan Hasslbauer, owner and found of Ukando. The second person is Stefan Ritter, Owner and Founder of Ritter Mobile Technology and the third 'half' person is a well kept secret. When Ukando develops a game it is like a collaboration of friends and people all over the world who share the same passion for indie games.

We think we are totally indie because we follow our dreams no matter how far. We share the belief that indie developers like us which have a small, agile team of developers can create fantastic games and make magic happen. We have developed games in the past but with Alien Tribe 2 we are ready to show the world what we have created.

The Story behind the game

The making of Alien Tribe 2 has been tough and began in the late summer of 2011. Developer and creative director Stefan Hasslbauer had a clear vison how a 4X real-time strategy space game has to look on the iPad.

From being told by many people that he could never create such a complex game on his own to the more than 24 months of programming and financial battle that followed, Alien Tribe 2 is a story of perseverance, a testament to the power, passion and will when combined with a true love of programming games.

In November 2012 the first version of Alien Tribe was completed as an alpha version and ended up accidentally (!) as "Alien Tribe 1" way too early in the App Store. After a few updates, the free version developed into a secret tip of 4X and RTS game fans worldwide and received excellent reviews. As a passionate indie games developer, Stefan Hasslbauer was clear that Alien Tribe 1 was just the first step in the right direction to create something better. All savings were taken in hand, and with the help of good friends, the development of Alien Tribe 2 could start. After 12 month additional work the first version of Alien Tribe 2 was released December 13th 2013 and got great response all over the world.

With version 1.2 of Alien Tribe 2 came a major update which included more than 40+ improvements. Several features that players requested (like rally points or less micro-managing) were integrated in this update. The first versions of Alien Tribe 2 were good but with this update the game catapulted itself to the top of real-time strategy space games for the iPad.

September 2014 brings finally the new version 1.5 which now also supports the iPhone. The update also includes a lot of new features and small changes which improves the gameplay again.

How to contact us

You can get in contact with us by sending us an email. If you have any questions, suggestions or something else just send an email to Please also visit our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.