Alien Tribe 2

The 4X Space Game
Now for iPhone and iPad!

Alien Tribe 2 - The 4X Space Game for the iPhone & iPad

Alien Tribe 2 is an indie 4x space game that combines several genres. Imagine a universe sandbox meets real-time strategy and a pinch of tower defense and Master of Orion. The 4X stands for "eXplore", "eXpand", "eXploit" and "eXterminate", and Alien Tribe 2 offers all these different strategies for the player - from exploring the galaxy to extracting raw materials or fending off hostile attacks.

The 4X approach is supported by over 45 missions / quests of the areas of "Military", "Economy", "Exploration" & "Expansion". You will be constantly faced with new challenges, and once you successfully completes a mission, you will be rewarded with new build options, research points, the in-game currency called GEO or other various items.


Video Trailer and Main Features

  • Find new solar systems and start to colonize planets
  • Explore planets and build different kind of stations and ships
  • Over 25 different build options for ships, stations and weapons
  • Extract the raw materials and build supply chains to your stations
  • Build weapon platforms and war ships to defend yourself
  • Scan the deep space for asteroids and start mining them
  • Increase your skills in the research center
  • Connect solar systems with pipelines
  • Randomly generate game environment
  • Over 45 different missions
  • Collect the internal GEO currency
  • Buy extras or trade GEOs for resources
  • and much more....

What other users say

"Great fun and unique game! This game fills a great void in the App Store which is why it gets 5 stars."
5 stars, Tim Conley, USA
"There is so much effort put in this game it should be on the top apps page 5 stars for sure"
5 stars, Blazing Janey, Canada
"Once I worked out the controls it was a great game. Strategy defence, economy building, and logistics - few games handle the mix so well!"
5 stars, JoeyTheCap, Singapore
"Awesome gets better! Be prepared for a new addiction. But be warned; this game is NOT for the faint of heart."
5 stars, Coyote is Crazy, USA
"Best 4X RTS Space Game for the iPad. I've seen a few 4X real-time strategy space games for the iPad but this one is by far the best. Cool idea, great gameplay, great graphics and I like the game control."
5 stars, SpaceGameFreak, USA
"Very good game! This game will keep you playing for hours just to get that higher score and survive longer to see whats next. Get it!"
5 stars, GucioGapa, Sweden


Solar System
Solar System view with opened build menu
Galaxy View
Defense Example
Galaxy View
Defense with Energy Distributor
Trade Center
The place to buy resources
Overview of all planets in a solar system
Ark Ship
Ark Ship construction state

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App Store Ranking

Alien Tribe 2 has entered the App Store charts in more than 50 countries:

  • Top 10 in the category Games / Strategy in more than 35 countries
  • Top 10 in the category Games / Simulation in more than 30 countries
  • Top 50 in the category Games / Overall in more than 25 countries
  • Top 50 in the category Overall in more than 10 countries