April 27th 2015

Update 2.0.1 is out

The update 2.0.1 is avail in the App Store and should fix the issues for most of the users. The new version 2.x is huge update because we replace the old game engine. We promise that we will release additional updates as soon as possible if other critical bugs show up. We did a lot of testing for version 2.x on several devices and we had no issues at all. Please be patient if you have problems and send us your error reports. We will fix them as fast as we can. Thank you.

April 25th 2015

First update for version 2.0 is coming soon

We got some reports from users that the version 2.0.0 crashes on their iPhones/iPads. We decided to remove Alien Tribe 2 from the App Store until we've found the cause for this issues. If you have any problems with the current version of Alien Tribe 2 please contact us at contact@ukando.eu. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the new version. Thank you.

April 24th 2015

Version 2.0 is out now

Version 2.0 is out now: The story continues with additional solar systems, never seen before enemies, various weapons and extended gameplay! Because of the FIFO population the ark ship now requires a more powerful fuel and it is the players task to produce it.go and get it: https://itunes.apple.com/app/alien-tribe-2/id653463017?mt=8

March 3rd 2015

Version 2.0 is coming in April 2015

We are currently working on version 2.0 and we expect a release date in April 2015! Expect new enemies, new weapons and huge gameplay extension. With version 2.0 it's not enough to build the Arkship and to find a black hole to escape....

August 25th 2014

ALIEN TRIBE 2: Update 1.5

The new Alien Tribe 2 version is finished and beta testing has started. Alien Tribe 2 is now an universal app and you can play it on an iPhone. Release date is early September 2014.

May 24th 2014

ALIEN TRIBE 2: Update 1.3

The update to version 1.3 is still out now. These are the changes:

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Added 28 Achievements

Due to the many requests we added 28 Achievements to the game.

Bugfix: Maloc Attackships not attacking star systems

The maloc drone ship captains were sometimes a little baffled...

Bugfix: Maloc Torpedo Ship not appearing

A bug in the navigation software of the maloc torpedo ships hindered them to attack. Sent drone ships instead.

Changes: Missile Ship changes (missile speed, fire rate, damage and so on)

Faster reload speed but slower missiles.

April 1st 2014

ALIEN TRIBE 2: Update 1.2

The update to version 1.2 will be released mid April 2014. These are the changes that were made in the last few months:

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New build option: Construction base

To better protect colonists in the starting phase of settlement, colony transports now unload consumable food for half a food unit.

Rallye point for new built Spaceships

Rallye point means that a newly build ship moves to a specified destination point when finished.
To set a ralley point for the next build ship simply draw from the planet (or it's shortcut) to the desired rallye point. After that the planet's build menu will open. Select what you want to build and as soon as the ship is finished it will move to the rallye point.

Terraformer reworked

Big Terraformer rework: Terraformers were a highly unsatisfying gaming experience, because the micro management at loading with freighters were really annoying. Therefore the FIFO engeneers reworked this units completely. Terraformer now have no resource storages at all and so cannot store mineral units any more. Instead the terraformer now converts the mineral units on the planet to correct a planet's atmosphere. This is especially usefull when a colonized planet is terraformed.

Furthermore it now costs 2 units of mineral to start the terraforming process and the process ends when these are wasted.

New research option ‚Resistance: Temperature‘

Lowers the maximum population penalty for planets with high/low temperature.

New research option ‚Resistance: Radiation‘

Lowers the maximum population penalty for planets with high radiation.

Colony transports unload a small amount of food too

To better protect colonists at the first colonization of a planet, colony transports now unload consumable food equal to half a food unit.

The research ship's scan range is now visible even if the ship is not selected. The final scan range is displayed too. The progress bar is removed

The final scan range display should help to place the scan positions more precisely.

Research Ships begin to scan planets when entering solar systems

The Research Ship captains were tired of waiting for your commands when sent to a solar system. They decided to begin scanning planets automatically.

The research centre menu can now be opened via the shortcut bar

This should help to reduce micro management.

Most structures/stations link now automatically when built

This should help to reduce micro management.

Behavior of the Ci’Tan Energy Beings reworked


Freighters, Research Ships und Colony Ships got a light shield

For an easier starting phase.

Changed the number of structure points for several ships

Mainly lowered structure points of civil ships.

Changed the object info text (left bottom) for displaying the percentage of shield and structure states

For faster orientation about object states.

Maloc attacker strength reworked in dependency of the difficulty settings

The strength of maloc ships should progress better now.

Price, stack size and availibility of resources at the market place changed

The availibility of marketplace resources is reduced now.

The info text of the extras on the market place can now be seen even if the extra is not available for some reason

There is not more to say...

The arkship overview now displays collected components in orange color

For a better overview. You're welcome.

Now the energy level of solar systems is displayed as blue bar beside the solar system in the galaxy view

This energy level is the same as displayed in the solar system view underneath the sun as text (when lower than 100 %. E.g. 'Energy: 99 %'). The energy level is the radiation intensity of the local sun and modifies all energy production in this system. When the Ci'Tan Energy Beings suck engergy from the sun the energy level lowers and it regenerates over time.

Save points: ‚Load Savepoint‘ in main menu. ‚Set Savepoint‘ and ‚Load Savepoint‘ in game menu

Some people badly requested the possibility to save the game during gameplay. It's done.

Separate display window for new build options. Must be closed manually

New build options were overseen too easily. We inserted a small window that moves in from left. It displays the new build option and a help button for the description text. To help you recognize the new build option it wait for your fingertip to close.

Notification window inserted (Infos, Advices, Warnings)

We inserted some info messages for new users, some advices that depend on the current game state and a maloc warnig message. Somethink like 'Die, Fifo, die!'...

Missile ship reworked and costs adjusted

The Missile Ships lost its 3 synchronious missile tubes and got fast firing side tubes. Cost is a bit lower now.

Every collected arkship part raises the difficulty for 2.5 percent

When all 10 Arkship components are found the game difficulty is 25 percent higher then with 0 parts.

Tutorial window replaced by bigger self minimizing version

The new window moves in from left and provides more space for the tutorial snippets. 'Back' buttons are always left and 'next' buttons to the right.

Raised likelihood for asteroids to leave a GEO

GEO finding was reduced too much.

Backgroud images brightened and contrasts lowered

There were too much contrasts and for better displaying the 'fog' areas we brightened the images a bit.

Hypergate in solar systemens replaced by a fancier one

Oh yeah!

Missile jet reduced

Reworked the missile jet of platform missiles and ship missiles. Jets are now smaller and cooler.

Replaced some sounds

The 'plopp' sound of exploding maloc drones is replaced by a short 'boom' and other replacements.

Renewed some graphics

Replaced several graphics with much better looking ones.


Fixed a issue that prevents the game from loading a save game and other bugs.